Azerbaijani Language

Tuition per Semester: 720 AZN

Three progressive levels, 12 weeks each.  Classes meet three days a week for two hours.

The ILC Azerbaijani Language Program offers one of the most effective Azerbaijani language courses in the world. Established in 1997, the intensive course features three levels for foreigners who wish to learn conversational Azerbaijani. Our Azerbaijani language teachers are professional, native speaking instructors trained in communicative and interactive teaching methods. The ILC's Azerbaijani language curriculum incorporates grammatical instruction with essential, every-day dialogues. This practical blend of language analysis and realistic, contextual practice enables students to obtain conversational fluency quickly.

We offer a 3-semester intensive course in which you will progress from zero Azerbaijani skill to conversational Azerbaijani fluency in only nine months. Most of our students commence in the fall, but we do our best to accommodate our studentís needs by offering our basic level classes every semester when there is a demand. We require a minimum of four students to run a class.

We also offer post-Level 3 classes when there is interest, including a grammar review course and a reading/writing focused course. Contact us for more details.

To facilitate the highest progress in language learning, the ILC also maintains a Language Learning Resource Center, which features items and tools for TPR (Total Physical Response). Students participating in the Azerbaijani language program may utilize these resources to advance their own self-directed studying.

To learn more or to obtain a preview of course materials, please feel free to contact us.