The ILC provides excellent and relevant learning opportunities designed to inspire and equip individuals to learn, grow, and influence society. We commit to model integrity and service while upholding the value of each individual.

At the International Learning Center, you won’t just learn word tenses. You will learn to have active conversations, express yourself clearly, and think in another language. And that’s not all.

At the ILC, you will form friendships that last a lifetime. Our teachers are professionals who care about the success of their students, and they work hard to create an environment that ensures the highest level of excellence in learning and promotes supportive relationships between students and staff.

The ILC has been offering high-quality language courses in Baku since 1993 and continues to lead the standard of excellence in language instruction in Azerbaijan. Providing interactive, engaging courses in American English, Azerbaijani, and Korean, the ILC strives to be a center of premium linguistic instruction.

At the ILC, we want you to reach your goals in learning language. We will do everything we can to help you get there.


The International Learning Center (ILC) is a private educational enterprise, established in 1993 and registered with the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan. The goal of the ILC is to provide excellent educational opportunities of the highest quality and thereby promote progress and development in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The ILC offers highly interactive, engaging courses in American English, Azerbaijani, and Korean language. Our teachers are professionals who are trained in the most up-to-date teaching methods possible. We use a variety of teaching strategies to create courses filled with interaction, multimedia presentations, and conversational practice.

In accordance with our goal to provide the most excellent educational opportunities possible, our Center has a strong interest in culture and the arts. In cooperation with Azerbaijan’ Ministry of Culture, the ILC has promoted cultural awareness and understanding by hosting music groups from America to perform throughout Azerbaijan. The ILC occasionally offers lessons in Azerbaijani folk dancing and lectures on understanding Azerbaijani culture and values for foreign visitors.

The ILC also invites American and European professionals to the Republic of Azerbaijan to offer seminars on a variety of topics both at our own Center and in local universities and institutes. Featured topics have included general economics, business management, personal finance, ophthalmology, and psychology.

ILC staff and students regularly collaborate with other organizations to participate in various kinds of humanitarian service. Students volunteer frequently for projects such as visiting mental hospitals and orphanages and raising funds to support marginalized children.

The ILC is committed to promoting the advancement of Azerbaijan and its citizens through a philosophy of excellent education. At the ILC, we feel privileged to serve the city of Baku and are honored to interact daily with the university students and business professionals who participate in our programs. It is our aim to offer Azerbaijan the highest-level of educational opportunities available and to promote the strengths of the Azerbaijani nation to the English-speaking world.


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