Real Life English Practice
Fun, social environment
Professional, Native English Teachers
Engaging, interactive teaching methods
The ILC provides excellent and relevant learning opportunities designed to inspire and equip individuals to learn, grow and influence society. We commit to model integrity and service while upholding the value of each individual.

Want a life-changing experience?

At the International Learning Center, you won’t just learn word tenses. You will learn to have active conversations, express yourself clearly, and think in another language. And that’s not all.

At the ILC, you will form friendships that last a lifetime. Our teachers are professionals who care about the success of their students, and they work hard to create an environment that ensures the highest level of excellence in learning and promotes supportive relationships between students and staff.

The ILC has been offering high-quality language courses in Baku since 1993 and continues to lead the standard of excellence in language instruction in Azerbaijan. Providing interactive, engaging courses in American English, Azerbaijani, and Korean, the ILC strives to be a center of premium linguistic instruction.

At the ILC, we want you to reach your goals in learning language. We will do everything we can to help you get there.



Nathan Wagner

Mark Lanford
Teacher Consultant

Mark Stanley
English Teacher

Susan Stanley

Katya Nikonorova
English Teacher